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Doggy Day Care & Dog Walking in and around
Castle Donington, Derby

Dog Walker, Castle donington

I offer dog walking in Castle Donington and the surrounding areas. To me, it’s not just walking your dog. It’s about bonding with them and proving them with some time out of the house to run, play and socialise. Lots of dogs developed behavioural problems when left for hours at a time due to boredom, stress, anxiety or just lack of exercise. 

Each dog is treated as an individual, as I learn about their characteristics and what makes them happy. Dogs are walked in groups In my secure, off lead field, after careful Introductions. 

If they are older or very young and enjoy or need shorter walks, we can accommodate that. If they are lively, full of life and energy and would enjoy longer walks that's ok too. Just let me know. 

I pick your dog up in my custom built van, travel to the chosen walk or my secure field, let your dog run  and play with their new fiends before wiping them down and dropped them back home.  

* Please note that we don’t accept bitches in season or entire males. 

If your out all day, have you considered our day care service

A meet and greet is carried out before your dog joins me on a walk. This is so they get to meet Twix and I before hand and gives me an opportunity to understand what makes them tick. A registration form will need to be filled in and proof of vaccinations given before the meet and greet. 

If your interested in my dog walking service in Castle Donington then please get in touch  Or view our prices here.